Health Management Review Report

Report Introduction

The Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery determined to conduct a review of Health Sector Management as a result of the tabling of the 2013 Health Management Report. The Committee analysed this report and considered it did not accurately reflect the state of health delivery in PNG.

The Committee then embarked on a two stage review process. Firstly the Committee conduced visits to a broad cross section of health facilities in a variety of Provinces and then held public fora in each location. This process informed the Committee as to the issues facing facility managers as well as public perception of health delivery. An Interim Report on Health Sector Management was prepared and distributed to the Minister and Prime Minister as a result of the plethora of significant management issues uncovered. The Report highlights major concerns with cancer treatment, the TB epidemic response, HPV vaccine trial management, drug supply, medical equipment supply and health sector structure and overall responsibility for management
The Committee subsequently organised a Committee Hearing in which it pursued issues raised during its Stage 1 process directly with the NDoH management and invited health professionals. Invitees were given, in advance, a list of questions to be posed by the Committee in order that the Hearing be as productive as possible.