Interim Report on Health Sector Management

Report Introduction

The Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery (the Committee) analysed the Health Management Report 2013 submitted to Parliament. The analysis highlighted numerous areas where health policy was lacking and government policy directives/implementation had not occurred. It also highlighted funding issues within the health sector that had implication for the public sector generally. A copy of the analysis appears as Annex A to this report.

As a result of the presentation of the Health Management Report 2013 and subsequent analysis, the Committee decided to hold an enquiry into health management. The formal enquiry was to be preceded by a fact finding mission to provinces nominated hereunder viz:

  1. New Ireland Province
  2. West New Britain Province
  3. Morobe Province
  4. Western Highlands Province
  5. Western Province

The fact finding mission included public fora as well as individual interviews and facility inspections. The provinces chosen provided both regional perspectives, PHA verses Public hospital approaches and as well as major health risk areas e.g. TB and cervical cancer.