Late Delivery of Teacher Leave Fares 2014

Report Introduction

On Friday 6th February, the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery (the Committee) conducted a hearing into the failure of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to pay teacher leave fares in accordance with Section 130 of the Teaching Service Act 1988.
The Committee is mandated by Parliament to enquire into matters of systemic administrative deficiency and poor service delivery.

Scope of Hearing

The Committee investigation was targeted at the failure of a public sector employer to meet the contractual requirements of its employees in 2014 i.e. provide leave fares on a timely basis. By contrast, the Ganim Report (2014) looked at the education system from a much wider perspective. The Committee also sought to look at how the leave fare system works elsewhere in the public sector. As such, the Committee heard from the Secretary, Department of Personnel Management, concerning Public Service leave fare guidelines and system.

Certainly, one objective of the hearing was to establish exactly who was responsible for the failure to provide leave fares on time in 2014. Moreover, the Committee wanted to look at systemic issues that might impact on efficient leave fare management for teachers as well as the public sector in general.